Why anticon?

In August 2016, on a balcony overlooking the Vegas strip, three former coworkers admitted that they only went to conferences to see friends. The venues were too crowded, the presentations too stale, and Vegas had lost its appeal. The concept of anticon was born - a conference without presentations, panels, villages, or vendor booths. A networking-only conference for industry experts.

What does one do at anticon?

anticon is largely unstructured and most activities are coordinated via an invite-only slack group. You can catch up with a friend at the bar, discuss your favorite vulnerability while floating in the pool, share cyber threat intelligence tools, or debate cyber security policy while hiking through the desert.

Is anticon family friendly?

No, we do not recommend bringing children to anticon.

How do I learn more about anticon?

Contact pepper. If you don't know pepper, contact whoever told you about anticon.

How do you coordinate activities during anticon?

Invite only slack group.

How do you pick the anticon locations?

New as of 2019: The general location (region or country) is chosen on the last night of anticon by an informal vote. If you cannot attend anticon, but would like to suggest a location, contact pepper. The remaining details (dates, resort,etc) will be finalized by pepper, but in coordination with core anticon attendees.